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Arundel FastLane #90610

Whelen Lighting System, Custom Console, Map Storage, Custom Aluminum Bed Body, Custom Pump System w/ Kubota Portable Pump, HD Booster Reel, Buckstop Bumper, Ramsey Winch System, Western Contractor Grade Plow, Custom Welded Mount.

Prince William County FastLane #90609

Liberty Light Bar, Whelen Lighting, FastPlex Technology for Lighing and Siren Control, Mobile Computing System, Radio System, Radio Docks, Liftgate Speaker, LED VU Meter Kit, Custom Console, Map Storage, Custom Overhead Console, Dual USB Port, Custom Rear Cabinetry, Command Drawer.

City of Manassas Park Fire and Rescue

FastPlex Technology for Lighting and Siren Control, TemPlox storage system, Mobile Computing System, Computer Mount, Radio System, Custom Console, Custom Overhead Console, Custom Cabinetry with Adjustable Shelving and Command Boards.

Millville Fire Department

Whelen Lighting System, Howler Siren, Hands Free Siren w/ Detachable Mic, Vulcan Mount, Grommet Mount, Radio Charger, Mobile Computing System, Custom Console, Custom Rear Cabinetry.

Prince William County Fire & Rescue

Whelen Lighting System, Mobile Computing System, Clevis Swivel Mount, Custom Console, Map Storage, Radio Charging Dock, Unity Spotlight, Custom Bed Cabinetry.

Talleyville Fire Co.

Whelen Lighting System, Grommet Mount, FastPlex Technology for Lighting and Siren Control, Siren, SCBA Bracket Mount, Mobile Computing System, Radio Charging Station, Mobile Network, Map Storage, Custom Rear Cabinetry.