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Government Contracts

C2 EMERGENCY SOLUTION’S CURRENT (OPEN) GOVERNEMENT CONTRACTS! C2 Emergency Solutions currently holds the following government purchasing contracts to streamline and simplify your buying experience. We have both municipal (local) government compatible contracts as well as federal (GSA) contracting vehicles.   FEDERAL CONTRACTS HELD (VIA OUR PARNTER FEDHARMONY) CONTRACT DESCRIPTION LINK AMT-SPMCPV Vehicle Mobile Command GSA AMT-SPMCPV ADEEMS 07 Transport and...


C2 Emergency Solutions- Financing Options   WHAT IS LEASE PURCHASE FINANCING? As municipal entities are working hard to protect and serve their communities the proper equipment is necessary, but the funds to update equipment are not always available when needed. Lease Purchase Financing (LPF) is a method for local governments and nonprofits to acquire the property and equipment they need...


Braun Warranty-New Ambulance FastLane Warranty Why FastLane?