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Vehicles - page 4

Claymont Fire Company

Custom center console, FastPLEX touchscreen control, Map light with red/white light choices, Rear command cabinet, SCBA mount, Pull out command boards, Laptop mount.

Dagsboro Fire Department

Liberty Light System, Whelen Light System, Grommet Mount, Siren, Mobile Computing System, Radio Dock, Map Storage, Custom Console and Cabinetry.

Prince William County Fire & Rescue

Whelen Lighting System, Siren, Mobile Computing System, Tilt Mount, Map Storage, Custom Rear Cabinetry. 

Louisa County Volunteer Rescue Squad

Templox compartment for proper storage of medication, Rear cabinet, 120V outlet, Full sized rear bench seat, Custom center console, Portable radio charger, MDC mount, FastPLEX touchscreen system for complete lighting and siren control.

City of Fairfax Fire Department

Pop command board, Side storage, Custom center console, MDC mount, Mobile radios, Midrow cabinet, FastPLEX technology for lighting and siren control.

Prince William County Fire & Rescue

Whelen Lighting System, Custom Console, Mobile Computing System, Tilt Mount, Radio System, Custom Rear Cabinetry.

Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad

Custom graphics package, Extensive lighting package, FastPLEX system to control the lighting and other systems, Garmin GPS is installed in place of the center rear view mirror for a more natural view while operating the vehicle, GO! Rhino Grille Guard, Rear 3/4 design custom cabinet with pullout drawers, Top two drawers feature a 12 volt power DC power supply, Additional charging comes…